Renfrew High School Parent Council


Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday 26th April 2017


In attendance


B Burke (Head Teacher), M. Hunter, A.Howat, C Alcorn-Stewart, C Thomas,             J Aitken, L O’Neill, C Calderwood, J Kennedy


  1. Arbuckle, F Russell, P Philip


  1. Minutes from the previous meeting – Approved proposed                             A Howat. seconded A Hunter
  2. Paul Shiach Renfrewshire Council Visit re:Appeals Board


J Aitken will remain on the Appeals board for Placing Requests and Exclusions following Paul’s list to the school


  1. Matters Arising


B Burke indicated the school is looking for volunteers from the group to visit the relevant Parent Council meetings of the Primary schools that supply RHS with students.

B Burke updated the current view for Prelim leave was that the school would be following the current guidance from Renfrewshire Council.

B Burke updated on future plans re school buildings / school estate / capacities etc. and confirmed that he has been informed there are no current plans for new schools in Renfrew. B Burke would get an update following the upcoming council elections.

B Burke confirmed that the new flexible learning base was now fully operational and supporting students from Renfrewshire who require its services.


  1. Head Teacher Update


Staff update:

Appointments have now been secured for Maths, Biology, Computing & English.

There were no applicants for Home Economics (this appears to be a national challenge)

A new position of Inclusion support worker has been set up to help support the work of guidance and home link (an invite to PC meeting to be issued to new Inclusion support worker to be issued once the post is filled)


B Burke updated that Martin Stewart Children’s Author has become Patron of Literacy for RHS. In his position, Martin will work with the students on creative writing projects.



  1. Pupil Equity Fund & Scottish Attainment Challenge


Funding of circa £80,000 now in place and plans have now been submitted to improve in the key areas from the National Improvement Framework – literacy and numeracy along with plans for increasing the capacity of the school for Health & Well being and increasing attendance.



  1. Eco Team Update


Some funding is in place to update the front of the school and B Burke has asked for creative assistance in designing the front area.

New bins will be replacing the old concrete bins. There was a suggestion the old units could be used as planters.


  1. School Award ceremony


The issue of clarity around the process regarding awards was raised by parents.

The PC agreed to the suggestion that we introduce two awards evenings – junior school (S1-3) in June as per calendar, and senior school post-exam ruslts in August (date tbc).

Criteria for Awards have been revised and will be based around Merits awarded in the 3 categories from the school vision – Learning, Achieving and Working Together – as well as some special awards, eg sport and citizenship.


  1. A.O.C.B


A question around the temporary closure of Haining road was raised. B Burke has not been informed of any closure. B Burke will make enquiries regarding the road closure and take any appropriate action on behalf of the school.

Parents also raised the issue of soap and toilet paper availability in the school toilets. B Burke will raise the issue with the responsible area.

Positive comments have been received by parents following the school community coffee morning. Vote of thanks to all who participated. Well done.

A question raised regarding who is running the Reach programme?

B Burke confirmed Mr Kennedy & Mrs Cowie are running the programme from the school.



Next Meeting – Thursday 8th June 2017 6pm (Please note change from original date)