Welcome to the summer edition of Renfrew High School’s newsletter. We are delighted to bring you news from the various events and activities our wonderful young people, staff, parents and partners have been involved in recently.

Session 2018-19 has built on the success of the previous year, which saw us receive one of the most successful secondary school inspections in Scotland and consolidate with another strong, improved set of exam results last summer. This session we have worked hard to deliver the ambitions of our improvement plan and I am pleased to report we have achieved an incredible amount again this year thanks to the hard work of our school community.

I am very grateful to all young people and adults who help make this school successful, unique and a true privilege to lead. Enjoy reading, and remember to keep updated on a daily basis by following us on Twitter @renfrew_high.

Best wishes for a fantastic summer break, and to many more years of continuous improvement and success to come.


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