Renfrew High School Parent Council

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 8th June 2017


In attendance

B Burke(Head Teacher), M Hunter, A Howat, C Alcorn-Stewart, C Calderwood, L O’Neill,

W Arbuckle, J Aitken, J Kennedy


  1. Thomas, P Philp, F Russell


  1. Minutes from the previous meeting – approved A Howat, seconded A Hunter
  2. Matters Arising – Recruitment of new parents, W Arbuckle attending Arkletson Primary on 20th June 7pm, B Burke will communicate with Kirklandneuk and Newmains to establish opportunities.

Francis Dickie (Principal Teacher) of the Flexible Learning Resource – provided the Parent Council with a lovely warm welcome as the meeting was facilitated there. Everyone appreciated Francis’s talk on how the FLR was thriving. We all wished the team success as it’s a real credit to the children and the school.

  1. Head Teacher Update Staff – 2 further appointments for RHS. Key Worker for the Base (Graham Kerr) and for Acting PT English & RMPS (David Clark). Further vacancies will be permanent principal teacher for Health & Wellbeing, P.E teacher and additional probationary teacher and Art (due to retirement).

Activity Days – presented as being a real success as year groups got to participate in visits to Alton Towers, Paintballing, Trampoline Zone and Paris etc.

RHS – welcomed 30 young people who are 2nd year students from Bagsvaerd in Denmark, is there a possibility of a reciprocal visit?

Furthermore – Senior Prom, School Show and Awards Ceremonies for everyone to look forward to.


  1. Improvement Planning for 2017-18 – B Burke – discussion on how to fill the student’s timetable through options, the general consensus was that seniors could be volunteering and could have more structure/support to do this. B Burke also looking at options with DofE Silver Award.


  1. Positive Relationships Policy – B Burke acknowledged that pupils/parents were looking for a shorter version with the full version available on the RHS website. The parent’s area on the website has still to be managed but at present most communications are on Twitter. B Burke distributed Scotland’s National Improvement Framework including priorities 1-4. Parent Council to complete for 19th June, thank you.



  1. Feedback from Renfrewshire PC Liaison Meeting – A Hunter – representatives attended 23rd May, Steven Quinn (Assistant Director Education) gave presentation on attainment gap. Stats and overview that pupils in Renfrewshire Schools are doing better at the end of S4 and S5 than national and virtual comparators.


  1. 20 mph Consultation – A Hunter – provided a summary from Mark Ruskell (MSP) which included full FAQs document link. Responses to the consultation would be submitted via the Scottish Parliaments Smart Survey Site. B Burke is exploring the cycle to school initiative.


  1. Dates for PC Meetings 2017/2018 – B Burke will forward dates. AGM TBC.


  1. AOCB – A Hunter and B Burke presented John with a lovely gift. Everyone thanked John due to this being his last meeting for the PTC. John’s been an extremely valued member over many years and we all wish him well… Thanks John!!!