LGBTYS Charter

Renfrew High School is delighted to inform parents & carers that we are currently embarking on our Charter Award journey, with LGBT Youth Scotland. We aim to achieve our Bronze Charter Award before the end of 2020. Achieving this award will be recognition of our dedication to LGBTI inclusion, which is embedded in our school ethos and throughout our curriculum.

For up-to-date news on our LGBT Charter journey, and information on our pupil LGBT lunchtime club/drop-in sessions, please follow LGBT committee leader Mrs Speirs on Twitter: @mrsspeirs_rhs

Collage displaying images of Renfrew High School's LGBT Activities


For more information on the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter, please visit:

For support information including local youth groups, digital support and an advice centre for parents & carers of an LGBT young person, please visit:

For a guide to “COMING OUT” please visit:

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