Dear Parent / Carer,

We welcomed our young people back to school today and it was great to see so many looking refreshed and enthused for the term ahead.

This is always a busy term with various trips and events taking place. Many of our S4-6 pupils will sit SQA examinations in the forthcoming weeks and I wish them every success with this.

School Uniform

We are reminding pupils and parents about the agreed policy (accessed via the handbook here) and ask that pupils attend school every day in the required uniform. If a pupil comes to school without the appropriate clothing we will contact parents to agree how we can support them. We are sensitive to the costs associated with uniform and retain a stock in school should any young people / families need extra assistance.

Pupils on study leave who attend school during this time for an exam or study support should wear uniform.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be brought to school (at the users own risk) but should not be used during class times unless the teacher allows this.

Phones should never be used to take photographs or videos on school premises (or on school trips).

We recognise that phones are now sophisticated digital devices which are an important part of everyday life for most people, and can also be of benefit to learning and teaching. However, they can become a distraction and can impact negatively on wellbeing and learning. Our approach is designed to ensure that during class time, pupils can focus on the learning activity taking place.

If a pupil uses their phone inappropriately they will be reminded of expectations by staff. If they continue to do so their phone may be confiscated and returned at a later time.

If a parent / carer needs to contact their child urgently during class times, they should do so by calling the school office.


I appreciate the support of parents / carers in promoting our approach to  school uniform and the use of mobile phones Рit does help contribute to a positive learning and working environment for all.


Best wishes,

Billy Burke

Head Teacher