Renfrew High School Parent Council

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 12th October 2017


In attendance

B Burke (Head Teacher), A Hunter (Chair), A Howat, P Philp , P Kirkwood, L O’Neill, C Thomas,

C Alcorn-Stewart, J Kennedy, W Arbuckle, M Timlin, R Robb


F Russell

M Hunter welcomed Ross Robb. Ross is a new parent member with twin daughters in S1.

Minutes from the previous meeting – approved P Philip, seconded A Howat


    1. Matters Arising – B Burke Shared the Standards & Quality report 2016-17 attached. And expressed his delight with the 2017 attainment. A Hunter congratulated Billy, pupils and teachers on an excellent report and thanked them on behalf of the PC for their continued hard work and commitment.
  • Election of Office Bearers – As many members of the PC were unable to attend the AGM it was agreed that this should be carried over to the next meeting. A Hunter confirmed that she would be willing to remain as chair 2017-2018 sessions the PC accepted this with thanks R Robb and W Arbuckle will act a joint treasurers.


    2. Bank Account – A Hunter has been in contact with the current bank account signatory and will arrange for a change of signatory to Ross and William to be initiated.
    3. Head Teacher UpdateThe PT Health and Wellbeing post has been re-advertised and will close shortly.Twitter – Billy gave an overview of the school twitter communications which has now increased to include subject and department feeds. Billy highlighted the use of social media to engage the whole school and wider community in the achievements and successes across the school. Billy urged the PC to follow the twitter feed if they did not already do so and is hopeful to reach 1000 followers soon.Eco School – Billy is hopeful that the school will be awarded the green eco schools flag at the upcoming assessment.Derek Mackay MSP a former pupil of RHS visited the school of sport and held a focus group S4 exploring his achievements since leaving the school.The CEO of the Scottish College for Education and Leadership   and was impressed with the staffs attitude and commitment to learning.Singing choir of AfricaFood bank collection
    4. Show racism the red card
    5. Charitable activity- The school and pupils have been engaged in a range of charitable activity such as:
    6. Staff and 4 pupils delivered a presentation on inclusion, rights and positive behaviours ay the Scottish learning festival.
    7. Significant events- RHS led the way in the recent Maths week Scotland which included staff presenting at a maths conference and a visit from Jamie Hepburn MSP.
    8. School of sport – Sports Scotland have awarded the school of Sport a Silver award. This has been achieved as a result of the combined work and commitment of the PE department and active schools coordinator.
    9. New qualifications– School are now delivering media and photography qualifications
    10. Staffing- Hilary Duncan has been appointed as FT maths teacher.
    11. Rights Respecting School Award – Unicef will visit the school on 17th November to carry out an assessment for the Level 1 award. Billy informed the PC that the cluster primary schools have already achieved the award which is very positive for Renfrew. Billy has asked for PC engagement in the assesement and will confirm arrangements nearer the time.
  • Project Malawi– Following engagement with classrooms for Malawi the school has committed to take 6th year pupils to Malawi in June 2018. P Kirkwood informed the PC that the 2 week trip would encompass both an expedition and some charity activity such as building or decorating classrooms. 11 pupils from the current 6th year have expressed interest and each pupil is required to raise in the region of £2.5k to fund the trip. The school have committed a number of events including dress as you please days to support the pupils fundraising. The PC agreed this was a fantastic opportunity for our Snr pupils.


  • Toilet Facilities – P Philp raised concerns about the maintenance of the S1-S3 toilets, she has been informed that very few lock, toilet seats are missing and there is rarely soap or hand towels. Billy explained that maintanance of the toilets is the responsibility of community resources and that he has been assured that a suitable cleaning and maintanance schedule is in place. The PC has discussed the poor standard of pupil’s toilets many times over the years and despite continually notifying Renfrewshire council the situation has not improved. The PC will officially request a response from Renfrewshire council detailing how they will resolve these issues and ensure adequate on going maintenance.


    2. AOCB – M Timlin raised personal statements P Kirkwood confirmed that pastoral care staff are ready to review personal statements, pupils have been given details of resources they can use and that support will also be offered in PSE classes. P Kirkwood stressed that although the school will support pupils the ones is on the pupil to write their personal statement and ensure it is submitted in line with the published timeline.
  • Date of next meeting – Wednesday 22nd November at 6pm