Positive Relationships in Renfrew High

Wellbeing, equality and inclusion is core to the success of our young people, staff and the school as a whole. Underpinning this is the positive relationships we nurture between everyone as individuals and groups.

Over the past year, a review team led the update of our school policy. This included seeking the views of pupils, staff, parents and other key partners to the school. We explored the most recent national and local policies and also considered evidence from our experience as a school which is very successful in our approach to positive relationships.

We are a Rights Respecting School and a Gold Award winning Nurturing School. We prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of our children and young people, and this policy is a key factor in this work.

You can access the final draft of the policy here: RHS Positive Relationships Policy Oct 2023

If you would like to comment on the policy please contact us.


Best wishes,

Billy Burke

Head Teacher