Re-opening of Schools

Following the announcement from the Scottish Government that schools can gradually re-open to staff in June to plan for pupils to return in August on a ‘blended’ model of learning, I can now provide further information from Renfrewshire council.

Please read the letter issued by the Director of Children’s Services which confirms the model the school will operate in the new session under continued restrictions due to COVID-19:

Parent Update Letter

Further, I met with our Parent Council last Wednesday evening and can provide you with the summary note from that meeting which answered questions sent to the Chair in advance and questions from members on the evening. I am very grateful to the Parent Council for their help and support at this time. Hopefully this will be of use to you:

RHS Parent Council 10.06.20

Further information will be provided to all parents and pupils on Monday 22nd June to confirm arrangements for return in August, including the days and times pupils in each year group will attend. Thank you for your patience as I, with my staff team, continue to work to put the necessary plans in place to address these unprecedented circumstances.

Best wishes,


Billy Burke

Head Teacher