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Pupils are normally transferred from primary to secondary between the ages of 11 years 6 months and 12 years 6 months, so that they have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education.

We work closely with our three associated primary schools to ensure transition to secondary school is smooth and progressive in relation to learning and to young people’s wellbeing.

Parents of pupils who have moved to the area, or live in the area but currently attend a different secondary school, and want their child to transfer to the school should contact the school office for information about appropriate procedures and to arrange a visit.

Parents who want to send their child to a school other than the catchment school should make a placing request.  The procedure for making a placing request is explained in the leaflet ‘Sending your child to school.’ You can pick this leaflet up from any school, call the council customer contact centre on 0300 300 0300 to have a copy sent to you, or download the form from the council website:

Dates for the school term are set by Renfrewshire Council in consultation with pupils, parents and staff. Click here for term dates for the current and the next school sessions.

Renfrew High has an online calendar which includes key dates and events. This can be used to download dates to your own online calendar.

School begins at 8.50am each weekday and includes a 15 minute interval at 10.30am and a 45 lunch break. The week is structured into 33 ‘periods’ of 50 minutes with either 6 or 7 periods each day. An overview of the week can be found here.

Various clubs and activities take place during lunch times and after school. Information about extra-curricular opportunities is shared in school with pupil and is often advertised on Twitter or on the webpage.

The most recent staff list can be found here.

Renfrewshire Council encourages each school to adopt a dress code and for any proposed changes to be discussed with parents, pupils and the parent council. The council supports an agreed dress code because of the benefits it brings, including improvements in safety, security, discipline, ethos, community spirit and a decrease in bullying and expense for parents.

Some types of clothing will not be allowed in school for reasons of safety, decency or indiscipline. Types of clothing which will not be allowed include:

  • clothes which are a health or safety risk
  • clothes which may damage the school building
  • clothes which may provoke other pupils
  • clothes which are offensive or indecent
  • clothes which encourage the use of alcohol or tobacco, or other inappropriate substances

Pupils will not be deprived of education, any benefit or access to examinations because of not wearing school uniform.

In the interests of health and safety, of both individual and others present, all jewellery, including body jewellery, must be removed before taking part in physical education lessons or physical activities.

Grants for footwear and clothing for children are available to parents receiving certain benefits.  Please see the council’s website:

Renfrew High Dress Code

The agreed dress code is:

  • black trousers / skirt / dress
  • white shirt
  • school tie
  • black jumpers or hoodies (no logos)
  • school blazer (optional)

For PE pupils should wear appropriate clothing for physical activity (no football strips).

Please help the school and the education authority by making sure that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school. The council has no insurance to cover the loss of valuable items.

It is the responsibility of parents of a child of school age to make sure that their child is educated. Attendance at school is recorded twice a day, morning and afternoon.

Please let the school know by letter, email or phone if your child is likely to be absent for some time and provide your child with a note on his or her return to school, confirming the reason for absence. If there is no explanation provided from a child’s parents, the absence will be regarded as unauthorised.

Please make every effort to avoid family holidays during term time as this disrupts your child’s education and reduces learning time. The head teacher can, however, approve absence from school for a family holiday in certain extraordinary situations. Please discuss your plans with the school before the holiday. Absence approved by the head teacher on this basis is regarded as authorised. If the head teacher does not give permission before the holiday, it will be recorded as unauthorised absence

Parents from minority ethnic religious communities may request that their child be permitted to be absent from school to celebrate recognised religious events.  Absence approved by the head teacher on this basis is regarded as authorised absence.  Extended leave can also be granted on request for families returning to their country of origin for cultural or care reasons.

A supportive approach is taken to unexplained absence. The education authority, however, has legal powers to write to, interview or prosecute parents, or refer pupils to the Reporter to the Children’s Panel, if necessary.

Renfrewshire Council’s policy is to provide home to school transport to all secondary school pupils who live more than 3.219 kilometres (2 miles) from their catchment school by the recognised shortest safe walking route. Parents who think their child is eligible for home to school transport can get an application form from the school or Children’s Services in Renfrewshire House or online at  These forms should be completed and returned before the end of February for those pupils beginning school in August to allow appropriate arrangements to be made. However, parents may make an application at any time.

In special circumstances the Director of Children’s Services has discretion to grant permission for pupils to travel in transport provided by the education authority, where spare places are available, at no additional cost to the authority.

Where we provide home to school transport, pupils may need to walk a reasonable distance from home to the transport pick-up point but this should not exceed 3.219 kilometres (2 miles).

It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their child arrives at the pick-up point on time and behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while boarding, travelling on and leaving the vehicle. Pupils who misbehave can lose their right to home to school transport.

Renfrewshire Council does not provide transport for those pupils who are granted a placing request other than in exceptional circumstances.

Renfrewshire Council may provide free home to school transport for children assessed to attend any school because of their additional support needs. The educational psychology service will normally carry out the assessment. We also provide seat belt and wheelchair restraints needed to transport pupils.

We follow Renfrewshire Council’s policy on mobile phone use, which can be accessed here.

Pupils can bring phones to school but they can never be used to record videos, photos or sound in school (unless specifically allowed by a teacher for learning purposes).

In classes, phones should be kept in bags and are not allowed to be used unless directed by their teacher. Pupils will be reminded of this and, if required, phones will be confiscated.

This poster is displayed in classrooms to help remind of expectations: