Renfrew High School Parent Council


Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday 1st March 2017


In attendance


B Burke (Head Teacher), M. Hunter, A.Howat, F. Russell





  1. Calderwood, L. O’Neill, C. Thomas, J. Aitken, W. Arbuckle, P. Philp



  1. Paul Shiach- Renfrewshire Council

Paul Shiach from Renfrewshire Council visited the PC to share information re lay membership of the Appeals Board for Placing Requests and Exclusions.

The council are seeking to recruit lay members to sit on the above panels.

Members are recruited for a 5 year period. Panels sit infrequently throughout the year to hear appeals on placing request or exclusions.

Information regarding the work of the panel was given and is available to any parent who may be interested in putting themselves forward. Mr Burke can be contacted for further details.

Mr Shiach then left the meeting.


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting


Proposed by A. Howat and seconded by M. Hunter


  1. Matters Arising


  1. Philp to be added to list of attendees at previous meeting on 19th January 2017.


No further information re study leave for prelim exams.

  1. Hunter had not been in formal contact with other PC chairs however informally was aware of various other authority areas where pupils, particularly those in 5th year, appeared to get study leave for prelims.

B.Burke will continue to look into this.


  1. Burke still waiting for further information re projection of future school roll due to additional housing developments around Renfrew.

Aware that local Primary schools, particularly Kirklandneuk PS have seen an increase in pupil numbers and are reaching capacity.




  1. Head Teacher Update


Staff update:

Staffing projections have now been approved and there are currently 5 full time permanent posts advertised, the subject areas being English, Maths, Biology, Computing and Home Economics.

Attainment Challenge

RHC allocation of pupil equity funding estimated to be in the region of £80,000.

Planning required to determine best use of funds to target literacy and numeracy and health and wellbeing issues.

Members offered suggestions about best ways to engage families in supporting children’s learning. B. Burke to discuss possibilities of further engagement at P7 stage with primary HTs.


Flexible Learning Base

Work now expected to be completed by the end of this week however will still require building control completion from council. Target date for opening is now expected to be on return from the Easter break.


  1. SQA Survey re National 4 and 5 exams

Some members of the council had attempted to complete the survey but had been unable to enter any answers.

Mr Burke explained that SQA are still in consultation period re removal of unit assessments at Nat 5 level. Will update PC as information becomes available.


  1. AOCB


No further issues were raised.



Next Meeting – Wednesday 26th April at 6pm