I hope everyone in our school community enjoyed the Christmas break and I wish you all the best for 2023.

Last year was another successful one for Renfrew High School as we returned to normal ways of working following the pandemic. We were once again able to offer a full range of clubs, events and activities across the curriculum, and I know how much this enriches the experience of our young people and adds to their personal achievements.

Attainment of pupils in the senior phase in 2022 continued to be very strong, with some excellent results achieved in many subjects and levels. The range of wider achievement qualifications on offer also increased. We continue to outperform comparators in most key measures.

Key to our success is the importance we place on the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff, and the positive relationships we promote across the school community. I am fortunate to have a very caring and committed team of staff who often go above and beyond for our pupils and families. The engagement and support of our parents and carers is also vital, and I am very grateful for the partnerships we enjoy.

This all provides a very solid foundation for continued improvement for us as a school and as individuals, and I am confident that 2023 will bring further success. Parents can help us by ensuring pupils arrive at school on time, in full uniform with all the equipment they need, and they are encouraged to complete any homework or study tasks assigned by their teachers.

You will be aware that various viruses are in circulation at this time of year and health services have asked that pupils stay at home if they are ill. Please remember to contact the school office in the event of any absence.

There continues to be industrial action by teacher unions and as such schools in Renfrewshire will be closed on Wednesday 11th January – we will advise of any further dates if required.

Please note some key dates for this term below and, as ever, contact the school if we can be of any further help and support.

Best wishes,

Billy Burke

Head Teacher


Key Dates Jan – March 2023

10 Jan – S1 Parents’ Evening

17 Jan – Parent Council Meeting

26 Jan – S5/6 Parents’ Evening (online)

9 Feb – S4 Parents’ Evening (online)

13-15 Feb – Holiday

1 March – S3 Parents’ Evening

7 March – Parent Council Meeting

28 March – Spring Concert

31 March – Last day of term