Dear Parent / Carer,

The staff team and I are looking forward to welcoming our young people for the new school session from tomorrow. I hope you and your family enjoyed the summer break and that pupils are looking forward to the term ahead.

I will write to you regularly throughout the year with key news and information via our website. I wanted to share some important points with you at the start of term. The partnership between home and school is vital to the success of our young people, and I greatly value the engagement of all our parents and carers.

Keeping In Touch

Our website is the main source of information about the school. It contains our school handbook, calendar, information about all aspects of school life and also contains many useful wider links. If there is information you would like to access which is not yet on our website please tell us.

We also use text messages to communicate with parents / carers so please ensure we have accurate contact details for you. We use Twitter to share news and celebrate success – find out more here and please follow us.

We use an app called SatchelOne to communicate with pupils and parents about school work. Teachers can assign tasks, give notice of assessments and provide feedback using this tool. Parents can use it to maintain an overview of progress and you can find out more here. If you need any assistance with logging in to the app please contact our office.

We encourage parents to contact us straight away with any information about our pupils or questions you may have of the school. A close partnership between school and home is essential for the wellbeing and success of our young people. The first point of contact is your child’s Pupil Support Teacher and please call the school office to speak with them as required:

Clyde House – Lyndsey Keenan

Dee House – Emma Martin

Forth House – Cameron Malcolm

Kelvin House – Graeme McKechnie

Tay House – Laura Thomson

A Depute Head Teacher is responsible for each year group:

S1 and S4 – Martin Paton

S2 and S3 – Derek Milligan

S5 – Karen Shaw

S6 – Andrew Sutherland

You can access our full staff list here.

We will always try to get back to parents as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours.

Progress Meetings

If you would like to see a member of staff in person, please call ahead to make an appointment. We cannot guarantee to be able to see anyone without an appointment due to the commitments staff have, which includes teaching classes.

Parents / Carers have the opportunity to meet class teachers at key points in the year – normally to discuss a progress report issued in advance.

Dates for this session are:

S1 – Info Session 7th September/ Progress Meeting 11th January

S2 – 21st November

S3 – 30th April

S4 – 5th October and 6th February

S5/6 25th October and 25th January

Parent Council

All parents / carers are members of the wider parent forum, whose views are represented by members of the parent council. You can find out more here. All parents are invited to join the parent council and if you would like an informal discussion about what is involved, feel free to contact our current chairperson Maureen Kerrigan by email on Parent Council Renfrew High School or call me at the school.

Parent Pay

Renfrewshire Council operates cashless payment for school lunches and school events such as trips. Please note that this system is not operated by the school, however we do try to help with any enquiries parents may have. More information is available here.

Support for Families

We are very aware of the various pressures families have experienced in recent years, and especially at this time due to the cost of living crisis. As a school we are firmly of the view that education is free for all, and there will never be any costs to pupils and families for core educational experiences. Some extra-curricular opportunities require additional funding and we may ask for a financial contribution. Please note that some financial support is available via the school. We receive grants and raise funds to help vulnerable members of our school community. We are also able to help with items of clothing for school, and equipment pupils need for school.

I know this is a sensitive issue, however I encourage parents to call us confidentially to discuss any support we may be able to give. Contact your child’s pupil support teacher or depute head, or feel free to contact me directly.

Financial support is available from Renfrewshire Council for school meals and clothing grants – more information here. Some pupils aged 16 and above may also qualify for Education Maintenance Allowance – more information here.

Do you have any items of school uniform which are no longer needed? Donations are most welcome and will be used to help other families. Clothing can be handed in to our school office.

Nut Allergy

Some of our pupils have a severe allergy and as such we are a nut-free school and ask that no items containing nuts are brought into school.


Wishing all our young people and families well for the school session ahead.

Best wishes,

Billy Burke

Head Teacher