On Monday 13th May 2019, “Skovbrynet Film Skole” from Denmark came to visit us at Renfrew High School to see how we learn and to take in a bit of our Scottish culture. Firstly our S3 Leadership Team provided a presentation about our school and our school values. We also showed them the itinerary that our team put together for the day ahead, which included many exciting activities in various departments.

We had a short break for our pupils to get to know the Skovbrynet pupils and just have a general chit chat. We all enjoyed getting to know each and learned a lot more about each other. Skovbrynet pupils had some time scheduled to film as they are from a film school. Their main aim was to make films about their trip to Scotland. We had 3 Workshops for them to enjoy throughout the day in 3 different departments around the school.

This is a list of the workshops we provided:
1st Subject:
History: A trip to the History department with Mrs Deans and Mr O’Malley on the second floor to learn about well known Scottish and Danish heroes and determining if they are heroes or villains!

2nd Subject:
English: A trip to the English Department with Mr Hall on the first floor to do some poetry. They discovered what they know and love about Scotland and translated it into their own native language before translating it again but into English.

3rd Subject:
Music: Finally they visited the Music Department with Mr Price and Miss Smith to discover the meaning behind the music in some of their favourite films!

To round off the day we provided a bit of lunch, did some more filming, we all said our goodbyes and they left Renfrew High School feeling happy. We then seen them at night for a big ceilidh party where we all had so much fun doing some Scottish dancing! Derren, one of our main leaders from S3 commented on the day:

“The visit was very enjoyable and I learned a lot more about the Danish culture and we hope one day to return the visit so we can experience learning and teaching in Denmark. I think that would be a great experience for us.” – Derren Adams, S3 Leadership Team

Miss Bowie is an Art teacher in our school who leads on Learner Leadership also commented on the day: “Our S3 Leadership Team truly represented our school values and worked together as a team in order to organise a very successful day for our visitors from Skovbrynet Film School. I am very proud of their leadership skills and look forward to our pupils leading more exciting initiatives next session.” – Miss Bowie