Following on from our most recent update, we held a family learning session on Teams on 5th May to confirm the school’s approach to the Alternative Certification Model (ACM) set out by SQA where pupils will sit classroom-based assessments for each subject. These assessments will form the evidence on which the school will submit provisional results to the SQA by 25th June.

Qualifications are an important part of the secondary school senior phase journey and there are natural anxieties and pressure surrounding these for all young people. This year we recognise there have been additional burdens due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our priority in all we have done as a school this session has been, and continues to be, the health and wellbeing of all.


Subject Assessments

In developing our approach to the ACM we have considered how we best support our young people to rise to the challenges faced and remove any barriers where possible:

  • assessments are taking place as late as possible to give additional teaching, learning and preparation time
  • assessments are spread out as best we can within the timescale available
  • there are no ‘one-off’ exams – assessments have been ‘chunked’ as best meets the needs of the classes
  • teachers have produced assessments based on SQA guidance and these have been adapted to suit the progress of our pupils in each subject


Support for Learners

Teachers have endeavoured to provide the best learning experience over the course of the session whether in-person, remote learning, or part-time learning. Pupils should take advantage of all the help and support on offer:

  • get individual support from class teachers – ask for help in class or via Satchel One / Show My Homework
  • attend supported study sessions at school where available (ask teachers for what is on offer)
  • make use of our study planner – RHS SQA Study Plan 2021
  • access the evening study support on offer via e-sgoil
  • for additional support speak to your Pupil Support teacher or Year Head – we are here to help!

Pupils with additional support needs will receive the help provided for assessments, such as additional time or scribing.

SQA have released additional information on how we will support learners who have experienced significant disruption in their learning this session:


Quality Assurance

All of our assessments have been created in line with SQA requirements, in consultation with colleagues across Renfrewshire, and validated by other schools to ensure they meet the expected standard.

Assessments will be marked within departments, cross-marked to ensure accuracy, and then checked via sampling by an external marker. Some subjects will also be checked by SQA.

This Renfrewshire model of implementing the ACM has been checked and endorsed by Education Scotland. We can all be reassured that the qualifications our young people earn this year will be credible, reliable and well-deserved.


Provisional Results

Pupils will receive results of assessments and feedback on how they have performed from their teachers. It is anticipated that they will receive their final provisional grades at the end of this term and further information on this, plus the appeals process, will be shared when it becomes available.