Over the course of last week we welcomed back all pupils on a phased basis and are now fully operational on a full-time basis.

The following leaflet was issued to pupils this afternoon: Welcome Back Leaflet


Health and Safety

Our number one priority needs to be health and safety. Below is a reminder of the procedures issued in the letter to all parents / carers on 6th August.

Thank you to all parents and parents for adhering to these important COVID-19 health and safety measures.

Pupil HealthIf a pupil has underlying health issues it is the responsibility of parents to obtain relevant medical advice as to whether they can attend school or not.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend school. Anyone who develops symptoms during the school day will be sent home immediately.


Washing Hands


Pupils are required to sanitise their hands on entry to the building at the start of the school day and after lunch. Sanitiser is provided but pupils can choose to bring their own if they wish.

Pupils should wash their hands before eating and regularly throughout the day.




Enhanced cleaning staff will be on site during the school day.

Pupils will be asked to wipe down any surfaces they use in classrooms and materials will be provided.

Pupils should avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.


Physical Distancing


Pupils are not required to distance from each other in classrooms but must keep a 2m distance from adults.

Older pupils (S5/6) will be encouraged to keep some distance from each other wherever possible.


Face CoveringsFace coverings are not mandatory in school however coverings are an additional mitigation to the virus and pupils may wish to choose to wear one.


Minimising Contact


Where possible within the limitations of the full-time timetable changes of class groupings and moving around the building will be minimised.

Pupils should try to keep apart from pupils in other classes and year groups at break and lunch times.


Movement Around the Building


Although kept to a minimum pupils will need to move around the building at times and should follow the directions of school staff.
Break and Lunch


All pupils must remain on the school campus at break time.

Pupils will be encouraged to be outside in the fresh air wherever possible and should avoid congregating in large groups inside the building.

Use of the canteen will be limited and pupils are encouraged to bring water, snacks and lunch with them. Free school meals will continue to be provided.

Initially only cold food will be available from the canteen at lunch time.

Uniform and PE KitFull-time return to school means that full uniform should be worn as normal and PE kit should be brought in on days required. Changing facilities will be provided.

PE will take place outdoors wherever possible.

Pupils should wear appropriate outdoor jackets.