Our pupils and staff have worked incredibly hard to adapt to the various challenges faced this session, not least of all the implementation of the Alternative Certification Model.

In the update of May 11th, we set out arrangements for the assessments being carried this term by S4-6 pupils and can now confirm details from SQA on the appeals process for 2021 and share how pupils will be informed of their provisional results before the end of this term.

Provisional Results

We currently continue to work through the process of completing assessments and the rigorous marking and quality assurance process which follows. We are on track to submit provisional results to the SQA on 25th June.

We aim to inform pupils of results in advance of this date, to allow time for discussion and support in school where required. Pupils will receive their provisional results from the school by email to their glow address on the evening of Tuesday 22nd June or Wednesday 23rd June. Pupils told us they wanted to receive their results in privacy and we have respected that choice.

All pupils should be comfortable in the use of glow email, however can contact us for support if required.

At that stage if pupils have any questions about grades awarded they can speak with the Principal Teachers of the relevant subject(s) or their Year Head.

Other Qualifications and Achievements

The ACM was put in place following the cancellation of examinations for this session. The notification of provisional results in June is only for those courses affected.

Qualifications such as National 3, National 4, Unit passes or wider achievement Awards will be issued directly from SQA as normal and certificates will be sent out in August.

Appeals Process

SQA confirmed there will be an appeals process open to all pupils at no cost. Details of this are available here.